a run-hater, runs.

IMG_1150I hate to run.

There I said it. And I feel like I just made a huge confession. I don’t know about you, but running has seemed to be the “in” thing these last few years. My news feed on Facebook is constantly full of folks at Color Runs, Races for the Cure…and even more seem to be tackling half marathons and marathons. (Insert fist pump here!) …But then there’s me, sitting over in what feels like the ever-shrinking minority, hiding my running shoes from world because well, I’m a run-hater. That’s why it’s such newsworthy news that the hubs and I are about to tackle our second 5K. But don’t let this fool you…I still hate to run.

I hate how my right side cramps when I’m not breathing just the right way. I hate how my legs always ache in protest about half way through my run. And most of all I hate how hard breathing becomes. The list could go on, but I think I’ve already clarified for everyone how out of shape I am. So, let me explain what you are all now wondering….then, why the crap do you do it?

Simple. I want to stay in shape, and running is a tried and true method of doing so, while also being cost effective (and by that I mean free) and flexible. Don’t get me wrong, I have my Y membership and I use it. No one loves a Zumba or Step class more than me; I actually prefer an aerobics class. But if you work and have a social life, going to a 6 pm class each Tuesday doesn’t always fit your schedule, plus one day a week isn’t going to cut it. With running, I can go just about any time on any day that I want… the pavement here in Downtown Memphis is always open.

And here’s the other reason… I want to eat. And I want to eat things I like! It’s not that I have a sugar tooth to tame…cookies, cakes, candy bars, they do nothing for me! Nope, I fall victim to the other 5 letter word with lots of weight (pun-intended)….carbs. Specifically, bread! I love it…I crave it. Dangle a Cracker Barrel biscuit, an Olive Garden breadstick, or a Ricatoni’s (local hometown place) loaf in front of me… and I. am. yo. slave. Yep, yummy baked goodness makes for one weak girl over here…

So, you see my need to keep my feet moving… thus I am making myself a runner, while continuing to be a run-hater. It sucks, but IMG_1156so does paying taxes, and I keep doing that. I know apples and oranges… but hopefully you chuckled. The thing isI have tried running a couple of times in the past, but this time it actually seems to be sticking. One part, thanks to Michael and Whitney (as in Jackson and Houston) because right now, I have to blast some pop tunes to deafening levels to keep myself pumped up, but the other part is the hubs. It helps to have an accountability partner, who won’t let me bullshit and wiggle my way out of that night’s run. And someone who hates running just as much as me. We can vent at the pain, and moan at the uber-runners, who we run past with no music needed and a pace that makes my head swivel. Yeah, you know the ones!

So, stay tuned for pics of the 4th Annual Breakaway Bardog 5K, benefiting St. Jude. If you are a run-lover or run-hater trying to run, think about signing up too! It’s Sunday, August 18 at 9 am Downtown. There’s a pretty sweet after party in the alley by Bardog, so be sure to stick around afterwards! Beer. Dunk tank. Burgers. Good times! And much more!

Wish us luck!


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