wild west update.

So, the countdown to the witzs go west has begun! We set out after work on Friday, September 6, so that leaves just 43 days to go! It may sound like a lot, but when I think of all the things we still have to do, it’s really not that long. Hotel reservations, camp site bookings, rental car, etc…. all things that still need to happen. But we have nailed down a route… it includes Boulder, Denver, and Leadville, CO (San Isabel National Forest); the Grand Canyon; Albuquerque; and Oklahoma City, with a few other National Park stops along the way. Check out our exact path in the picture below. Once again, if you are reading this and know of a fun place we need to check out thats near our route, definitely let us know. I hope to eat well on this trip!

ANDDD….look what came in the mail! Yep, it’s official the witzs are all set to hike and camp in The Grand Canyon. I think I can speak for Christopher too, when I say this might be the part we are most looking forward to… crossing our fingers for some awesome views!


And also, if I am being completely honest, every time I see this commercial, I think of our upcoming trip! I am not going to lie, part of me hopes we make spontaneous stops like this, just to experience random things! Sooo…. we will see! If anything, it sure would be awesome to cruise in a Subie for a week (preferably an Outback, if anyone is asking). In the meantime… enjoy!


new favorite memphis gem.


106 ge patterson

As of last Sunday, I have now been around for a quarter century and one. Yep, time is officially flying, there is no doubt! But what an incredible day I got to have to bring in 26. My amazing mom and dad made the trip to Memphis to celebrate with me. It was such a special treat!

I should also mention at this point a little known fact… my dad is slightly obsessed with Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. And who isn’t, really? I don’t know anyone who hasn’t tuned in to at least a few hours with Guy Fieri, to find out some of the best eateries to visit

So, knowing Dad’s obsession with this show and my love for trying out new places… I picked Rizzo’s Diner off South Main for my birthday brunch. And what a great decision I made…

Rizzo’s was on Diners and Dives  last August and showcased for it’s eclectic options, unique gastropub vibe, and insanely delicious food. My dad called me immediately after it aired to ask if I been yet. So, it seemed fitting- since I still had not been as of this past week-to go with my parents and let it be their first Diners and Dives experience, while also adding a new eatery to my Memphis foodie map.


thanks Chef Mike.

The experience did not disappoint! Everyone reading this blog, living or visiting Memphis, should make a point to try it out. The food is amazing… truly! It’s high quality and it’s unique. It’s not your normal, “see ’em on every menu” options – and I love that. Let me say this, if my dad gave them top billing, you will like it too…my dad’s is quite the food critic.

Yep, Chef Mike Patrick has got it going on… and he could not possibly be more friendly! He made our experience so fun and even answered all our questions on what it was like filming for Diners and Dives…yes, we were those people. Perfect place that made for a perfect day!

You should check it out too!  Cheers Rizzo’s Diner!

But until you go… here’s some culinary temptation for ya…


south main scramble.


southern style eggs Benedict.


cajun chicken salad plate.


french toast bananas foster.

thrifty meets memphis.

Just in case some of you fellow Memphians happen across this blog and are looking for a cost-effective staycation or inexpensive date night, here are some of the witzs favorite things to do that are either free or pretty cheap in and around Downtown!

IMG_0976Concerts at the Levitt Shell (in Overton Park)
If you have been wanting to hit up Live at the Garden, but can’t quite bring yourself to fork over the cash, the Levitt Shell is for you. It’s perfect for an evening outdoors spending time with family and friends. Grab your lawn chair, favorite take-out, and enjoy a night of good music… thats completely FREE! Click for a look at the schedule. 

Monday nights at Spindini (Talbot and South Main)
Dinner at Spindini on Mondays are a steal… get half priced flatbreads and bottles of wine. It’s a great night for a date or a catch up with a friend, and a pretty great deal if you are feeling some pizza. Spindini’s menu can be found here.

Ride the Trolley
If you splurge on dinner and would like to stay Downtown, but don’t want to spend a lot more money, hop on the Riverfront Loop trolley. All trolley rides are only a dollar, and in my opinion the Riverfront Loop gives you the most for your money. Ride down Main Street and Riverside Drive and just enjoy some good people watching time and a good view of the river, of course!

Movie Night at the Orpheum
Broadway goes on hiatus during the summer and so do the high prices that come along with most of those tickets (even though I am huge fan of the Broadway series). Tickets for the Summer Movie Series at the Orpheum are general admission and cost under $10. I’m headed there myself on the 25th of this month for a girls night to see Dirty Dancing! See what movies are playing this summer.

IMG_1002Tuesday and Wednesday Night RedBirds Games (Autozone Park)
Any night at Autozone Park is a good time, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays seem to give you more bang for your buck (okay unless its a fireworks night). TWOsdays offer you 2 for 1 tickets, $2 hot dogs, $2 popcorn, $2 sodas, and $2 off all 16 oz Budweiser draft beer. Wet Your Whistle Wednesdays is just as a good of a deal. Pay $10 per person and receive a Field Box ticket, a 16oz PBR and PBR koozie. Check out the Birds schedule.

Rooftop Parties
Everyone has heard about the Peabody Rooftop Party and its a good time, for sure, especially if you are a girl. It’s free for ladies if you get in before 7p. After that and for everyone else its $10 per person, plus your first drink FREE!

But don’t forget about The Madison rooftop , Twilight Sky Terrace. They are open every night and only have cover on nights when a DJ is present or on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays after 7:30p. It’s a pretty fun place with an awesome view!

IMG_1085Downtown Memphis Farmers Market
You have to go… at least once! Shop around for some fresh produce, flowers and products while enjoying live music. Food trucks are also there should you get hungry while looking around at all the food. We love to just walk around… and thats completely FREE! Be sure to stop at Healthylicious for a smoothie, its our new fav! (The pizza pictured here is from Aldo’s Pizza Pies, on Main Street)

We love downtown and hope you do too! If you know of a thrifty event or place, we would love to know! So, please share!



big plans. small kitchen.

One of the things we noticed right off when moving into our small place, was the minimal room in our galley kitchen.  We concluded that leaving out common kitchen appliances, no matter the size, was going to take up too much counter room and therefore make the already small space look smaller. So, we improvised and decided instead to store our toaster, blender, and such in the cabinets, in place of where the dishes would normally be stored. This also played into us wanting to display our dishes…. either you or your family and friends have spent a lot of money on those dinnerware beauties and often they lay under-represented behind a door. We (okay pretty much me) wanted to make them part of our everyday decor, so we could look at them all the time…and make certain they were appreciated.

I’ve seen where folks have taken off cabinet doors and displayed their dishware, I love that idea. But being in an apartment we couldn’t do that. I have also seen kitchens where the dishes are stacked up in piles on the countertop, and I like that too, but again not an option for us,due to limited space. So, we found this compact shelving unit, shown below, to store ours on…and look at anytime I want! We love it!







My recommended reading for the month… Although this article in the July issue of Real Simple, talks about kitchen organizing somewhat differently than I am here, it is a great read that makes a lot of sense. Check it out!