denver daytrippin

Leaving Memphis was tough. It sucked, actually. Of all the folks I know there, I always got the feeling that Christopher and I seemed to enjoy and embrace the city more than most. We loved the vibe of downtown, trying out new restaurants and bars, and of course our beloved Grizzlies. So, why move? Well when we looked around West Tennessee, it’s not what we saw that made us move, it’s what we didn’t. …Mountains.

In college each of us spent time outside of Denver, and while the South will always be home, there was something incredibly captivating about the Rockies. It was the first place I had ever visited that I thought I could live outside of the Mason Dixon. What the bright lights of New York and Los Angeles do to some, the view of the mountains does to us. It makes everything seem possible, makes you feel free, and well, fuels your fire for adventure.

Yes, while the practical side of our move was of course for Christopher’s job, the heart of it was our love for the outdoors and a plethora of places to explore. So, as much as we can, we get out. Out and explore. Christopher thinks of us as weekend warriors, while I see us as seasoned daytrippers. Either way, here’s a preview of what we’ve have been up to in the months since moving here. Full, detailed posts coming soon.

Roxborough State Park
2015-03-15 15.10.12

Eldorado Canyon State Park
IMG_0331Golden Gate State Park
IMG_0425Garden of the Gods
2015-04-11 11.47.49Castlewood Canyon
2015-04-25 10.42.54-1Camp Hale in White River National Forest (outside Vail and Leadville)
2015-06-06 07.08.53-1Maxwell Falls at Arapahoe National Forest
2015-06-13 16.22.36Timberline Falls at Camp Dick in Roosevelt National Forest

2015-07-04 14.08.11