the witzs go west. and need your help.

Colorado tripSo, as I said in my last post we witzs are heading West in a few months for a road trip… my first! Yes, the second week of September we are packing up a rental car, probably equivalent to a Ford Focus, and setting out to explore our favorite part of the US.

Right now the travel route includes possible stops in Oklahoma City, Boulder, Jackson Hole, Zion National Park (Utah), the Grand Canyon, Vegas, Albuquerque, and Amarillo. But part of putting together the final plan is getting feedback from you guys on “must stops” either in these cities or places in our route.

If you live in or near or have traveled to any of these cities, we would love your input on unique things to do, good places to eat… especially places to eat…or good sites to check out. Keep in mind we are only passing through or staying in most of these places for a day… so, we need that “one thing” not to miss out on!

Even if you have just seen a cool place from an episode of Diners Drive-ins and dives or bizarre foods, let us know. The more options and feedback the better.

Let the road trip planning commence!


all mapped out.

I mention all the time that we witzs love to travel and hope to do a lot of it in the years to come. Well, our newest project (and home edition) brings that love front and center on our living room wall… literally.

We had been looking since we moved in for something to go over our kitchen table and chairs…okay, truly we had been looking for the table and chairs since we moved in, but since we finally scored an awesome find in those a few weeks back, it was time to move to the wall decor. We bounced around lots of ideas. 1950s downtown Memphis photography…. really, really (and I mean really) expensive. Photos from our wedding…. already one in the hallway and bedroom. A really unique piece of artwork… because that narrows the options down. But we finally settled on this…


Christopher purchased the map at Imus Geographics for 30 dollars. We then took it to Hobby Lobby ( I know everyone, I went into a Hobby Lobby)… to be framed (but only framed, no glass.)  It was about $165. Luckily the backing HL put behind the photo is similar to foam board, so our tacks went into the map easily, without us having to add something extra.

Map Centered

Red means we have already stopped off at that location together. And green means we want to go there together… It makes for our very own personal travel map.


Come September the Witzs are heading West, for my very first road trip. So, several locations will soon get to change from a go to a stop. Let the stateside travel begin!

photo 3

pallet to planter

If you are hunting for a fun outdoor summer project to take on or if you are looking for an inexpensive way to bring some color in the form of plant life to your back yard…. Keep reading.

Although my thumbs boast no fun color to speak of, my husbands on the other hand (no pun, of course) are of the brightest green! Christopher is one of those folks who actually likes to work in the yard…and it shows. But since apartment living does not always leave room for master gardening, he decided to take on making the front of his office/warehouse building not look so drab. So, out came his creative side and thus began the pallet to planter evolution….and the point where Christopher begins typing….photo 2

Things needed… a pallet. landscape fabric. potting soil. flowers. paint. staple gun.

First, I spray painted the pallet but, I would actually suggest doing this in step 3 (see below).

Cut about a foot off the pallet because I think it looks better and will cost less in plant material.

photo 5

photo 4Then, attach the landscaping fabric to the bottom and three sides via a staple gun. I would suggest using a lot of staples anywhere the fabric touches the wood.

photo 3

photo 2

Third, here’s where I would paint the pallet, so you also paint the landscaping fabric that is overlapped and stapled to the pallet. (Ashley thinks blue would also be a good color to paint it)

Fourth, lay the pallet flat where the plants can grow for about 3-4 weeks.  Add the potting soil to the pallet. Slowly add the soil in between each board starting at the bottom and packing the soil in.  Place something over the top section of the pallet so the soil doesn’t fall out. You can plant these plants later.

photo 1

Fifth, plant the flowers. Pack the flowers in tightly. Water when done.

photo 2photo 1

I suggest leaving the pallet horizontal to let the plants’ roots take hold so the soil doesn’t wash or fall out. After about 3-4 weeks you can move the pallet to the vertical position and plant a few other flowers in the top section. Water the pallet regularly and keep a close eye on the lower plants as that soil seems to dry out quicker. Enjoy!

photo 1

photo 4