So, we’re the Konsowitzs (con-so-witz). And we’re always up to something. Whether it’s planning for a semi-cross country road trip, trying our hand at blogging, or simply checking out a new place to eat… we like to keep life an ongoing adventure.

And we would much rather do than have…keep that in mind. It will definitely be important along the way, when it comes to understanding us ‘Witzs.

What’s new in our world, is that we just moved 1,000 miles from family, friends, our coveted Grizzlies, and good BBQ and sweet tea to try our hand at out West living. So, should you find yourself in the Denver area, give us a shout. We have a room (and bathroom) just for you! We must actually know you though, that is key!

While we both had (have) high hopes for writing this blog weekly and sticking to specific topics of small apartment living and backpacking. I can pretty much guarantee that at best posts will be sporadic and our thoughts and topics will be random and varied, depending on what has our interest at the time. So, stay tuned.

As for a little bit more about who we are…
You are likely to find us hiking, eating Mexican, going to the movies, and cheering on the Memphis Grizzlies, even in the Rockies. I love a good IPA, Netflix, Starbucks, and lazy Saturday mornings. Christopher currently enjoys the outdoors, Game of Thrones, and bowling.


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