a trip. a surgery. a snapshot.

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Witzs. The morning we left for our first trip of the year to San Francisco, CK found out he would be having knee surgery the following Tuesday.

So, we flew off to San Francisco to mark my first visit to The Golden State and my 32nd state overall. Great times were had with awesome friends that we don’t get to see near enough. Steiner Street. The Bridge. Twin Peaks. Lands End. Dolores Park. Palace of Fine Arts. And the best people watching a city bring you, all stacked up to give the Witzs one adventure-filled long weekend.

2016-04-08 17.39.35-3

Foggy day at the bridge with great friends!

2016-04-07 15.11.06-2

If you are looking for the most comfortable way to walk through your next trip, you should definitely check out these Antigua Leggings by Albion Fit. Best purchase I have made in a while, and they were perfect for our first intense day of sight-seeing. I wish I had bought two pairs.

We landed back in the Mile High just one day before CK went in for a definite meniscus surgery and a probable ACL one. Once the team got into surgery, it was confirmed that he would need a full ACL repair. As you know, CK is a champ in all things he does, and this surgery was no different. We are now almost two weeks post surgery and he is doing PT like the baller he is and ready for the road to recovery, knowing it will  be a long and tough one. Major shout out to our awesome friend, Jennifer Wilson, for coordinating with her co-worker to get us set up with her company’s legit pain pump. It helped CK majorly his first few days home.

2016-04-12 19.03.292016-04-12 19.10.45 2016-04-24 16.57.21
In the meantime, we have just been taking it easy. CK is able walk and put about 25% of his weight on his right knee, but he still can’t be running all over the city. Plus, last week Denver was given a wonderful (cue sarcasm) spring snow. It actually provided the perfect excuse to stay in and binge watch RedBox rentals (i.e. Creed & Concussion). Sometimes, its good to just take it super easy when you can, and thats what we have been doing. Being lazy, reading books, catching up on TV shows, cooking – it’s healthy I think to enjoy the simple and small things. Because its usually those things you miss most when you don’t have them. Right?


2016-04-17 12.11.22

Getting my Rainbow Rowell fix.

2016-04-17 18.09.09-1

Sunday, comfort-food cooking at its finest!


witzin’ around.

Fridays are my favorite! Especially Friday at five o’clock. I honestly adore my job and the incredible folks that make up my work family, but it’s hard to beat the beginning of a 48 hour streak of getting to do your own thing.

And the weekends are of course, also the best time for Christopher and I to discover and explore the obvious and hidden gems, in a city that is still relatively new to us. While in warmer weather most of that exploring takes place outside, on a hike, in search of a beautiful view, we are still a few weeks off from that.

Last night, as it has been been for most of the winter, exploring has taken place inside the city, especially since I have set a new low bar for skiing. (No worries, I’m okay with it…I think.) And while the weather here in late spring, summer, and fall is perfect for restaurant hoping and patio sitting, it’s obviously also during that time that we want to be on top of a mountain, taking in the Rocky Mountain air, or feeling the spray of a can-only-be-hiked-to waterfall. So, all that to say, winter and early spring in Denver are the perfect times to hone in on your favorite eateries and bars.

It’s espeically fun though when you find a place that puts a fun twist or adds another layer to something you have already done. Meaning, we have been to hundreds of bars (thousands   when added together?)…but we have never been to one with organized crafts. One that offers about thirty items for you to choose from and create, all while you drink your IPA or Tanqueray and tonic and munch on popcorn. But that is the exact concept behind Upstairs Circus, and what a fun and unique twist on date night, girls’ night out, or table for one it offers up.

I’ll be honest, I meant to take more photos and document the creation process of my craft, but when you get in there, in the moment, start concentrating, yeah, photos are forgotten. I could have done worse, I guess, but see below for some shots of our night of drinking and designing. Cheers!

2016-04-01 19.24.00

Outside of LoDo Circus. 1500 Wynkoop Street.

Upstairs Circus General 3

Inside the Circus.

2016-04-01 21.50.49

Example of my project.

First item in Libations - Christopher's project.

First item in Libations – Christopher’s project.

2016-04-01 19.43.40

Getting Started.

Part of my supplies.

Here we go…

2016-04-01 21.22.29

Table One. Met some great folks!

2016-04-01 21.50.04

Final Products!