Wall Art.

I have a theory that there are very few original ideas any more, if any. Much of that is solely thanks to the very item I am currently typing on. Okay, so it has everything to do with the computer and its quite treasured friend, the Internet, but I am certainly not saying that’s bad thing. In fact, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite aspects of mine and CK’s place… our wall art.

I don’t think in any way it’s exceptionally unique. But in the spirit of passing along  ideas, I thought I’d share, as I tend to get my own ideas from material other folks have posted.

Piecing a home together is for most of us the largest work of art we will ever undertake. It’s a complete or combined expression of what matters to the folks who call it theirs, and I love that no one place is decorated the same. Some are cozy, others are modern, some are muted and calm, while their counterparts are bold and shiny. I love the variety!

I tend to go for the cozier take on a home, as I like small spaces and warm colors. Here’s the varied wall art we have chosen to make our place come to life and feel like us…


Like so many of you (if you are married) we have this photo from our special day. It hangs above our bed and I love it. After we got married, it seemed like all of our framed photos were of the wedding. I assume it is like that for most folks. However, I still wanted to put more photos on the wall of our fabulous day, but Christopher was adamant that he not have to look at any more photos of himself. His offhanded comment actually gave way to a what become a really good idea.

Photos of our wedding day… but with no people in them! Years later, I am still obsessed with how these turned out. Shutterfly produced these beauties and I could not have been more impressed. They hang in our living room above our couch. It is the perfect nod to one of my favorite days, without including a photo of a face.

That brings us to the other living room stand out. Our map. If you have read our blog before, you know it’s arguably both of our favorite items in our place. We love to travel. It’s an excellent conversation piece. And it is perfect for filling up a large wall. Enough said.

And lastly,  an illustration of where you have and are calling home. I think it’s even more a plus, when it is a photo taken by someone you know (right), or when so many friends and family have wished you well (left). To me, this is the fastest way of making a place feel like yours, surrounding yourself with the familiar and treasured.

Cheers to making your place your own!






i love real simple.

Real Simple2Love this gem. I can remember the first time we met… it was an instant friendship. And I would guess, most of you have probably read at least a copy or two of this idea-filled magazine in your past as well. But if you are looking to slowly organize life, while also not taking on some huge project, I recommend picking this (back) up. Because it tells you want you want to hear… that projects don’t have to be hard. The beauty of Real Simple is that it offers small “simple” solutions that you can do in an afternoon or an hour – some even less. And even better, most of their how to’s are in list format… step 1,2,3, done! I love that. I think you will too.

Some of the best ideas, come from just looking at the pictures. Take this one forReal Simple4 example. A few months back as I was flipping through an issue (January 2013) I ran across this hanging rack for pots and pans. Ding! This was the answer to Christopher and I’s “where to put our pans in a small kitchen” question. Definitely, not an earth-shattering concept by any means, but when you have been so used to doing something one way (hiding your pans), it can be the obvious solution that never comes to mind. RS is quite good at reminding its readers that the light bulb is not far away and easy and cheap solutions can be a reality. Here is a look at our rendition. Need your own? Click here  for the one we used.

Now, I am no stranger to how much these guys cost to pick up at Target or Barnes and Noble. I even tried asking for a subscription last year as a Christmas present, so I could forgo the splurge, but still have this literary goodness sent to my PO Box. Butttt… no one in my family thought a magazine subscription was a good gift. (Helloooo, I asked for it! Shouldn’t I decide that!) So, anyways to their website I still go, and I have to say it’s pretty wonderful. It’s super easy to navigate and just like the ‘zine version, gives all its how tos in a step-by-step fashion. But this time you get pictures, pictures, pictures… which say everything words can’t! And who doesn’t love pictures. Check them out…http://www.realsimple.com/.

If you have yet to pick up RS , don’t let this article fool you into thinking it’s only about organizing… oh thats a huge chunk of it, sure. But they throw out plenty of decorating, fashion, food, gardening, etc. articles, as well as some of the best random facts to know! One random April issue fact… 32. It’s the number of “Q without U” words you can play in Scrabble, according to the National Scrabble Association (should have known there was one)! I’m a junkie for random knowledge like that!

You will notice as you look through  the Real Simple website. They are huge fans of The Container Store. So many of the organizational pieces they use come from that fabulous store.