this is why we hike.

Witt Springs - Ash and ChrisThis past weekend the hubs needed a break from the city, so he planned us a short camp trip to Richland Creek Campground in Northeast, AR. I could tell you that we were about two hours NE of Conway, near Witt Springs, but really we were just out in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  Just so we are clear, my definition of absolute nowhere is 10 miles down a gravel road, after already 20 miles of back roads and farm land. But if there is one thing I have learned camping with Christopher…going out of cell range is usually worth the view!

This weekend was no exception! We set out originally looking for a pair of waterfalls knows as the Twin Falls; however, the campground we were going to ended up being closed, so there were no maps or folks to ask for trail directions to the falls. But in our attempt to locate the falls on our own, we still ended up finding some pretty cool creeks, swimming spots, and views! Plus, there was lots of time to just relax “jungle book” style and read…without the distraction of electronics. There is no doubt my favorite part of camping and hiking is the solitude!

IMG_1143For those of you who may be reading this, and consider yourself a non-camper…let me encourage you to give it a try! Just because you are out where you can actually see the stars , doesn’t mean you have to live and eat like a caveman. Car camping in a campground allows you to still enjoy life as a first world citizen. As you will see from the pictures here, we eat meals that we also eat at our apartment, we bring a blow up mattress for our tent, and although not pictured, we downloaded a movie onto the laptop and watched it as we fell asleep!

IMG_1141We would love for you to share any good camp sites or day hikes you have been to.  We are always looking for a new place to explore. Adventure or misadventure… they both usually make for good pictures and good stories!

Take a look below for a recap of our weekend and some of the sites we took in…because its for moments and spots like here to the left that make a hike worth the sweat and bug bites! Enjoy!





camp site

Witt Springs - Creek

awesome swimming spot





Witt Springs - Chris in Eno


Witt Springs - Bacon for Breakfast


Witt Springs - Ash on Trail

trying to keep up with the guide…the hubs!


overlook on the side scenic hwy 7

Witt Springs - Flowers

all the different unique flowers we saw on the trails.



























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