big plans. small kitchen.

One of the things we noticed right off when moving into our small place, was the minimal room in our galley kitchen.  We concluded that leaving out common kitchen appliances, no matter the size, was going to take up too much counter room and therefore make the already small space look smaller. So, we improvised and decided instead to store our toaster, blender, and such in the cabinets, in place of where the dishes would normally be stored. This also played into us wanting to display our dishes…. either you or your family and friends have spent a lot of money on those dinnerware beauties and often they lay under-represented behind a door. We (okay pretty much me) wanted to make them part of our everyday decor, so we could look at them all the time…and make certain they were appreciated.

I’ve seen where folks have taken off cabinet doors and displayed their dishware, I love that idea. But being in an apartment we couldn’t do that. I have also seen kitchens where the dishes are stacked up in piles on the countertop, and I like that too, but again not an option for us,due to limited space. So, we found this compact shelving unit, shown below, to store ours on…and look at anytime I want! We love it!







My recommended reading for the month… Although this article in the July issue of Real Simple, talks about kitchen organizing somewhat differently than I am here, it is a great read that makes a lot of sense. Check it out!




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