the witzs go west. and need your help.

Colorado tripSo, as I said in my last post we witzs are heading West in a few months for a road trip… my first! Yes, the second week of September we are packing up a rental car, probably equivalent to a Ford Focus, and setting out to explore our favorite part of the US.

Right now the travel route includes possible stops in Oklahoma City, Boulder, Jackson Hole, Zion National Park (Utah), the Grand Canyon, Vegas, Albuquerque, and Amarillo. But part of putting together the final plan is getting feedback from you guys on “must stops” either in these cities or places in our route.

If you live in or near or have traveled to any of these cities, we would love your input on unique things to do, good places to eat… especially places to eat…or good sites to check out. Keep in mind we are only passing through or staying in most of these places for a day… so, we need that “one thing” not to miss out on!

Even if you have just seen a cool place from an episode of Diners Drive-ins and dives or bizarre foods, let us know. The more options and feedback the better.

Let the road trip planning commence!


5 thoughts on “the witzs go west. and need your help.

  1. Hi, Ashley! Sounds like a fun trip. You might want to check out Sequoia National Park, the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest National park. I remember being mightily impressed when I saw them as a 9-year old when my family took a 3 week vacation across the country in a station wagon pulling a fold-out camper!

  2. Hey Ashley! We took a road trip like this during Spring Break my Junior year of College. Four of us drove from Memphis straight on I-40 through the Texas panhandle. We went to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park (beautiful!!!). On our way back, we stayed a couple of nights in Santa Fe and went skiing on their one mountain:) I would definitely recommend all of those spots. I can’t remember places where we stayed or ate (it was over 10 years ago:) but we had a great time! If you have never been to Santa Fe, y’all have to make that a stop! Such a unique city!! Can’t wait to read about your trip:) I don’t know if you saw that we are moving to Scotland. You should plan some international trips:)

    • Carole – Gosh, I would give anything if we could take three weeks off and do this trip… that would be amazing! I would guess lots of great memories come from a trip like that. I do believe we can make the Petrified Forest National Park work as a stop! Thank you so much for the recommendation! You will have to check back for pictures once September hits and our trip is underway!

      On another note, how have you been? What is going on in your world these days?

      Kate – How incredible!!!!! I did not know you were moving to Scotland. When? We are actually planning a trip to London next summer. It’s always been a goal of my family’s to go to Wimbledon… and next year we are making it happen! If we can make it work to head your way, believe me I will do so. I would love that!

      But fill me in! I want to hear all about the move. I love reading your FB posts on funny things the boys say… Christopher and I both laughed at loud at “Happy Kids Day!” 🙂

  3. Hey Ashley! We are excited!! We leave Starkville at the end of June and fly out August 6. Joey is getting a PhD so we will be living in St. Andrews for the next 2-3 years. It is SO hard to believe that this is all happening but somehow it is:) We are really sad to leave Starkville and our friends here but are confident that the Lord has called us to Scotland and it’s where we are supposed to be. All that to say, if y’all have time, swing over during your Wimbledon trip. We would be happy to show you around!! I’m planning on keeping up with my blog much more regularly over there so you can read about our adventures if you want. I’m always glad to see that you are still loving Memphis!!

  4. We live 20 min from Boulder. It is great out here so beautiful. You should stay near downtown and go to Pearl Street, also there are some great hikes at Chataqua. And Red Rocks near Denver is a site to see as well. If you need a place to stay in Boulder you guys are welcome here. I grew up with Christopher but havent been home in a while.

    Kimberly Mowat

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