my honest post.

“What is to give light must endure burning.” – Viktor E. Frankl

If you are looking for a light-hearted post about our recent move or random antics that I have recently gotten myself into, this isn’t that post. While I do hope to illustrate and hopefully entertain you in the near future on how awesome and adventurous Denver is. I firstly, feel compelled to write what you are about to read, should you continue to stay. Beware,
this is honest Ashley to the core, so don’t say you weren’t warned. It’s also long, so feel free to skim.

Heavy QuoteMeeting Me
My assumption would be that upon first meeting me, you would think one or many of the following things: she is easy to talk to (I like to think I know a lot about a little), she talks a lot, she talks fast, she is pretty empathetic and compassionate, and possibly moderately funny (depends on the day, I guess). Upon further interaction, you may also start to realize that I am incredible Type A, very self-deprecating, a perfectionist, an emotion on sleeve wearer, and unwaveringly dependable, sometimes to a fault. However, behind all of those descriptions, you also find someone who struggles deeply with anxiety and worry!

That last sentence, is no small admittance for me. Somewhere in my invisible mental state, a massive wall just broke, and the honesty emojis in my brain are now dancing to Uptown Funk (my fav song, of course), in celebration. Not only have I come clean to myself that those words are a part of who I am, I admitted it to you. You see, I have spent just shy of 28 years trying to run from that short, but in my opinion, ugly description. In my world, being a relaxed, go with the flow, can let things just roll off because you’re a laid-back spirit is much more preferred to one where structure is revered, people pleasing is high, and constant contemplation is the norm.

While folks say that things get better with age, I find that my anxiety has only worsened as I have gotten older. What was once over-caring in regards to grades and guys, has fostered into a burden, where I can sometimes over-question how I came off in a conversation, the way I handled a situation, or how I am measuring up at work. And if this sounds like an easy problem to have, walk just a day in my shoes and you will see that constant worry over these things is both exhausting and debilitating.

IMG_0756Coming Clean
For someone who loves and believes in Jesus, there are no coincidences. Everything that has happened in my life recently I feel has lead up this point of admitting my burden to bear and accepting it as a part of who I am. Several key things have helped ignite this long-overdue fire, biggest of which is moving to a new city, where I know no one and nothing is familiar. For an anxiety-driven person like myself, familiar and comfortable is coveted. Because for me there is a right way to do something and a wrong way. When it’s familiar, you are sure not to mess up. However, when that is removed and there is no longer anything to metaphorically hide behind, confrontation of your underlying issue looms pretty near.

But also this wonderful book, Carry on Warrior, by Glennon Doyle Melton, given to me by a wonderful friend has done wonders for helping me see that I am not alone in my whirling world of worry. In this humorous, yet brutally honest account of her past and present life Glennon documents both her struggles and random thoughts on life. And while, nothing I have read so far has been earth-shatering information that I have never heard of before, that’s not what she is after. She is sharing stories of her every day life  – things you think, but don’t say out loud, or don’t even realize you need to hear.

It’s been a great eye-opener for me that life is messy and everyone is holey – with a God-sized hole. Struggles are real and they aren’t going away, but they can be dealt with- with God, family, and friends. She truly is the best friend, I have never met. She is so relatable – she gets me. I get her. Not feeling alone is huge when it comes to acceptance, and when I read this book it’s like I have a refuge. A life raft. Someone else is living my life, albeit with somewhat of a different struggle, but she is being honest and making it – so damn’t, so can I!

Carrying On
It hit me this morning in church that in the 6th grade I wanted to be Christina Aguilera – or more accurately I wanted to sing like her. So, I began to take singing lessons. It became pretty clear after awhile, even to my middle school self, that even though the lessons where helping me be someone who can stay on pitch, I was never going to be paid to sing. Similarly, I hate salad! Over the years, I have tried it numerous times and in various forms. And while, I can now successfully force one down, should the formal social situation call for it, I am never going to order one on free will alone. But I gave up a long time ago, trying to like this rabbit food creation.

Why is being born an anxious person any different? Just like I wasn’t given the singing or salad-liking gene, I was not given the laid-back, go with the flow gene either. If there was a switch I could turn to become a less anxious person, I would already be the most relaxed person you know because I have tried numerous times to find that knob. But the truth is there is not even a night-light in my world leading me to the laid-back section. It’s just not me. And… that’s okay.

It’s the people like me that are always on time to your birthday party, happy hour, or movie date. My personality type is also typically the first to help plan or organize an event or outing. Furthermore, we are always going to drop everything and come help you with something should you need us. And my family tells me that I am very honest, in a polite/friendly, you can’t hate me way, so I guess that’s a plus too. The world needs us, just as much as laid-back people.

So there. Honest post #1 done. Whew! Now that that’s done. I think I will go do some laundry. Seems fitting.
Until next time….


the witzs go wimbledon.

IMG_1913Getting There.
So, if you have known my family for about thirty seconds, you know that our life has revolved and evolved around tennis, since…well since forever, really. While I do hold the title of weakest link inside our family that still doesn’t discount my love the sport, not by a long shot. And even though I have now pretty much lost my ability to know the score of a match, while only half watching the game, tennis still ties for first place in Ashley’s ranking of favorite spectator sports. (Tied for by the NBA…obviously.)

I say all those sentences to say this one… It was no coincidence the Witzs found themselves in London the week of my favorite grand slam. And as luck would have it also during the men’s quarterfinals. This event itself was an experience all it’s own, completely separate from London, so keep on reading!

Although we had the option to buy tickets through the Wimbledon ticket lottery back in April, they were for the week prior to when we wanted to go. So, we gave them up and chanced getting them online 48 hours before our much anticipated Wimbledon Wednesday commenced. And… the site sold out before we could even click submit. That left one option, get up early Wednesday and queue.

British Language Lesson 101:
Word:  Queue
Noun and Verb. Means to stand in line and the line itself.
Noun Example:  The queue (line) starts here.
Verb Example:  We queued for three hours before we got in.

Now that I have boosted your international lingo knowledge, let’s continue on…


We adventure guide, Linda! 

By early, I mean we left our North London flat at about 5:30A and took the underground the one hour ride to Wimbledon (which is also a suburb, and an incredible nice and expensive one at that). Nearing the end of our tube ride, God provided us with an amazing blessing, Linda. She overheard us discussing where to get off, and let us know we actually needed to get off one stop before. And from there we made a friend that neither Christopher nor I will ever forget. We  ended up asking if we could just follow her, as she had been coming to Wimbledon since ’94. From there this retired elementary teacher and die-hard Roger Fed fan (I didn’t hold it against her) stayed with us all morning as we queued. She not only let us know what to do and what to expect, but she answered tons of our questions about English culture and daily life in England. Turns out, we are all a lot alike!

Although we just know her as “Linda No Last Name,” we could tell you her life story and she could tell you ours. She was a gem and she definitely helped mold our Wimbledon adventure into a unforgettable one!

Let the Queueing Begin.
So, queueing is something that if you don’t mind waiting outside and just hanging out, you should do at least once. At Wimbledon if you don’t have tickets, you show up the day of and stand in a field across the street from the complex that is set up to look much like a (American) football field. There are white lines with numbers up and down the field and when you get to the entrance you get a queue card and take your spot in line. But since the doors don’t open till 9:30A and you get there at like 6:30A, it’s a bit of a wait. 🙂

So, to help with the wait they have coffee stands and food vendors onsite. They also sell newspaper for five pounds that includes either a canvas Wimbledon bag or an outside blanket to lay on. We randomly had a guy come up and give us his blanket, so Christopher, Linda, and I all hung out on our blanket, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and talking about American v. English culture until it was time to go in. Time flew. We loved every minute of waiting. Weird, I know because I have never said that before.




Resale Queueing

Friends Are Everywhere.
Once we got inside the complex, we only had grounds tickets, which doesn’t get you onto any “major” court. So, we went and got in the “Resale Line.” From here you can get Centre Court tickets for ten pounds and Court 1 tickets for five pounds, once an original ticket holder leaves. This line is really laid back, especially if you make friends, which you know we did. 🙂 We all took turns watching each other’s stuff so we could each walk around and watch random, mixed doubles matches, go grab some food, and catch the disappointing Murray defeat from the famous “Murray Mound” (or Henman Hill, depends on your era).

Sarah and Nathan were a couple we met, who were caught between him loving Fed, and her pulling for Djokovic. And I can’t forget Ismail and Yusuf. Our two 19-year old friends, with plans to come to Dallas next year to visit a friend who studied abroad at their secondary school. Once they reached Dallas they planned to do a road trip to Wilmington. I tried to explain how incredibly random that particular route was… but they didn’t care. They just want to come and see the States. Ismail was hilarious. He is obsessed with all things American, especially American football. And everything he knows about American football, comes from you guessed it, movies! Kid loves him some Jerry Maguire.

Needless to say, all these guys made our day so much fun! We hope Ismail and Yusuf will pit stop in Memphis next year on their way to Wilmington, if they do make their epic road trip happen… we will see!

Okay guys, I’m sorry, but I hate long blog posts and this one is already SO long. I included the sub-headings to make it easier to read and hopefully not seem so lengthy, but yeah I don’t really think it worked. So, hopefully you just skimmed around and enjoyed yourself! Needless to say this is going to be a two-parter. Up next… life inside Court 1.

Holiday in London

Well, as most of you know Christopher and I conquered the first item on my bucket list last week….London! And while I have no doubt that I could write you novels upon novels about the trip… where we went, what we ate, who we saw… for this first one, I will try and keep it pretty brief and beautiful.

IMG_1850Favorite Sights:
On our first day Christopher and I ended the day with a sunset loop around the London Eye. While some may tell you it’s not worth it and honestly it is quite a lot of money to make the one loop, thirty minute journey, around the wheel, we loved it. It might have been that we were lucky to go at sunset and actually see a sunset (if you don’t know, London is quite rainy), but the view was spectacular and a perfect way to kick off our eight day excursion!

Christophers’ Favs:
If Christopher were writing this post, I have no doubt that we would tell you his favorite spot was the Palace of Westminster also known as the Houses of Parliament. Since you cannot take photographs while inside, you won’t find any snapshots of us inside this gorgeous creation. However, I can tell you that neither one of us were expecting the grandeur and vastness that this iconic palace offers. Let me just say  that the English Parliament is definitely not going to work everyday in anything short of stately exquisiteness!

A very close second for Christopher was Windsor Castle. Windsor is stunning and massive. Literally I think the small town I am from is near the same size. TheIMG_1902 Grand Reception Hall and Knights of the Garter Hall are sites to behold and firmly illustrate the elaborate, detailed, and truly grand life you imagine the royals lead. Neither of us have ever seen anything quite like it, so it was a highlight, for sure! And just to note, the Queen’s main living quarters, don’t even make up half of the castle. Yikes!

IMG_1903Ashley’s Favs
While I was also awed by the beauty and massiveness of Windsor, I was also quite captivated by what Kensington Palace had to offer. While structurally and decor-wise, it doesn’t hold a candle to Windsor, I was in love with what it held. As you may have seen from my photos Kensington currently boasts a Royals Fashion Exhibit, showcasing iconic clothing of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana. I was in heaven to say the least. I spent almost thirty minutes looking and re-looking at their most decade-defining gowns and dresses! Kensington also held rooms and rooms of Queen Victoria’s life, including her wedding dress, her children’s toys, and diaries detailing thoughts on meeting her would-be-husband, Albert. It was priceless!
Side note:  The current Queen Elizabeth is just a year and half away from beating Queen Victoria for the title of longest reigning English monarch!

My number two was The Borough Market. Yep, this one probably isn’t on any top ten things to do in London (I don’t know, it might be), but well, it should be. IMG_1974It’s a farmers market on steroids and I was both delighted and enchanted by it. Massive fish of every kind, cheese blocks bigger than your face, crates and crates of bright, fresh fruit, and….ice cream. Yes, ice cream. The best I have ever had. We went back twice to this little gem, Bath Soft Cheese. (But the second time we went we got strawberry, so I looked at it as a serving of fruit.) If in London, a trip to the Borough Market is a must in my book. Just taking in the experience is worth it and your stomach will think you are nothing short of a hero.

Up next Wimbledon. Yep, it gets it’s own post. So, until next time…Happy Holidaying!

But in the meantime…here’s a few other photos to share…
Please note two things…
One – It rains it London almost every day, so my raincoat was not the only shirt I brought, I promise.
Two – Our day at Windsor and Kensington started with me spilling my coffee all down my tank. So, please forgive my sad attempt to look put-together as we toured the wealthiest of establishments. It was two bus stops and tube ride back to my suitcase, so I had to wing it…


On Tower Bridge.



Inside/Atop Tower Bridge.



Don’t worry HP fans…it’s still here! Millennium Bridge


Kensington…Ladies thank Queen Victoria for the white wedding dress. She was the first to do it… and look what she started. Also, QV was only about 4’11 if you couldn’t tell. Hopefully she stashed some heels somewhere!



Guard at Windsor Castle.



Lunchin’ at the famous Anchor. There has been a pub in this spot since Chaucer’s era! It’s also the locale for the final scene in Mission Impossible!



Christopher at Eton College. Lots of “if only” scenarios would have had to have happened for us to go here. Well, starting with me needing to be male. This is where Prince Will and Harry went, along with pretty much every other prime minister, except the Iron Lady (for obvious reasons).



River Cruise on the Thames!


my trip of a lifetime.

HeathrowI know it’s been just over three months since my last blog post… but hey when you aren’t blog writing it means you are out living life… and I will ways pick the latter for both myself and you! But since it’s less than a week until the Witzs head across the pond, I thought it was time to check back in with the cyber world and give an update.

For starters, I probably have the shortest bucket list of anyone you have ever met… there are literally three items that make it up. Hot air balloon ride… book published…visit London! I’ve always kept it short because I really just want life to take me where it does… but these three things I really want to see happen, and in five days the biggest one of them all is going down! The English language simply doesn’t have a word for this level of excitement.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to visit London. Ever since I realized that all of the folks with that amazing accent hailed from the same place, I have wanted to go. Their culture is fascinating to me… their clothes, their cars, their history, their regal air, their unique words for things that are just much more interesting than the terms we give them. Pram for stroller. Boot for trunk. Tube for subway. Loo for bathroom. You get the drift.

LondonOkay, and then add pop culture greats like Harry Potter, Downton Abby, writer Sophie Kinsella, Kate Winslet, Hugh Laurie, Elton John, and of course Kate Middleton…and well I just fell even more in love with the Brits.

So, now you understand the elated status I am at about now because for me this is my trip of a lifetime. And we plan to do just about everything you can think of….Tower of London, London Eye, a day in Windsor, Churchill War Rooms, Parliament, Buckingham changing of the guard, The Globe, Westminster Abbey, Tate Modern, you name it, we are probably doing it. And I can’t forget, a day at Wimbledon. This tennis-grown girl can’t visit London the first week of July and not experience her favorite Grand Slam venue. wimbledon_grounds

We found this great North London apartment to rent through So, for eight days I plan on pretending this half motherland for me is really home! So, help us out! If you have been to Union Jack country and know of a great pub we should try, an off the beaten path sight that’s worth taking in, or anything else that you thought was cool, let me know! The World Cup is going to be going on while we are there and we are pretty pumped to find a exceptional good pub to take in a game.

Here’s to making dreams reality!

my “wright” christmas

the wrights

Growing up my family always did holidays differently. And by that I mean that from year to year no two were ever alike, at least not that I remember. When I was younger, like lots of families with extended relatives out of town, we would fly to Florida to eat turkey among the palm trees or maybe meet up at a half way point to ring in the New Year. I come from a family that’s super close and where there’s a lot of love, so I never minded our non-traditional way of doing the holidays, our tradition seemed to be that we were always together.

But then as you continue to get older, things continue to change. There’s the normal, expected changes of heading off to college, the fun, exciting changes of your brother excelling exceedingly well at a sport, and then there’s the hard, life-altering changes of God calling home a family member before you’re ready to see them go. But whichever type of change your life experiences, it further alters the way your holidays are spent.

While in college, I spent the holidays in six (maybe seven) different cities. I ate Thanksgiving dinner at a Cracker Barrel, Christmas lunch at a TGI Fridays, and set around multiple tables with people with far different backgrounds from my own, sometimes with my whole family, sometimes not. It’s at this point I decided that my tradition, was having no tradition.

I should mention that I did create a Thanksgiving tradition for myself at some point along the way. I have always been captivated by the Macy’s Parade, so each year, including this one, I set my alarm and curl up in whatever bed I am in and watch the pageantry and entertainment this classic event provides. You see, this is a transferable tradition, it doesn’t matter where I am at, this parade comes to me. It’s also important to note, that with Ronny Powell around we will always stay at places that offer the standard conveniences of a first world country, i.e. cable. the wrights2

But when it came to Christmas, I was quite certain I had no tradition. We have never hid an ornament on the tree, there’s no special food we always have, a game of dirty Santa has never been played, and the same movie is not watched each year. Then, as I was talking to my co-worker the other day, it dawned on me there was something I have done every year, or rather some place I have gone.

I would hope that all Northwest Alabama residents have experienced the magic and joy that 4170 Ricks Lane in Leighton brings to visitors each Christmas season. Known simply to most of us as The Wright’s Lights, this brightly lit creation has been bringing me wonder and delight for over twenty years. There has not been one single holiday season that I did not make it out to this iconic Christmas wonderland to experience the lights and fantasy this home creates.

I can vividly remember my grandparents taking me out each Christmas as a child in my grandmother’s Oldsmobile, after a dinner at Catfish Haven or Newberns (still love this place). I would always plaster my head against the window right after we made the turn off Three Mile Lane, just waiting for the brightness. Each time we would come upon lights I would ask “is this that it…” and each year I was never prepared for the neon spectacular that lay as far as my eye could see. To my six-year-old self this place was as close to the North Pole as I could get and got me so excited for Santa to come I could never be still… truthfully I was usually hanging out the window!

As I grew older, nothing changed, it moved from my grandparents taking me, to me loading up in my Ford Escape with my closest girlfriends in our PJS and a thermos of coffee. When I brought friends home with me for Christmas in college, we would all pile in my dad’s Yukon and I would anxiously anticipate their priceless faces. Sure, how good could a home Christmas display in small town Alabama be? I knew that’s what everyone was thinking…and every time my friends could not reach for their phones quick enough to document the amazingness that lay before them.

thewrights3Now, I’m 26, married, and a Memphis resident, but tomorrow night I can assure you, you will find my dad’s white Suburban loaded down with me, my husband, 21 year old brother, and mom and dad making the brightly lit circle. The thing is, I may not be six anymore, but I am pretty sure we are all big kids trapped in a grown-ups body, and The Wrights makes me feel like magic still exists and that all that’s wrong in the world can be Wrighted with a field full of Christmas lights…and in a crazy world like this, it’s a feeling worth hanging on to!

So, Wright Family, from my family to yours, thank you and Merry Christmas!

abq. to okc.

So our last two stops on the out West venture, were Albuquerque and Oklahoma City by way of Amarillo. Although starkly different from one another, both ABQ and OKC offered up a great experience for us. Take a look at our visit…

I don’t know how we got so lucky as to find the Hotel Parq Central, but should you ever be in ABQ you must stay there…especially in the fall, as it was cheaper to stay in this posh boutique hotel than a Hampton Inn. We loved every minute at the Parq Central and were sad we were only there for a night.





The hotel wasn’t the only good pick we made while in the Land of Enchantment. Both our coffee shop picks and pizza dinner were nothing short of awesome. If you ever find yourself in this city, definitely try them both out! Pizza and gelato from Farina Pizzeria and Wine Bar.





On the way to OKC, we stopped off  in Amarillo for lunch at The Big Texan. Fun place! Food portions are huge and there’s free entertainment…including both a table-side guitar player and all the people watching you can do.

photo 1


playing games inside The Big Texan…

Then to the Sooner State we were…


I am thinking it won’t take you much thought to guess whose idea this was…


patio night, enjoying Bricktown in downtown OKC.

photo 3

one of the most beautiful and unique memorials we have ever been to.

Right after this picture, we got back in the car and drove back home to Memphis… and now almost a week later, I am so thankful for the ridiculous number of photos we took because even this close out, its already fun to look back and re-live!

Here’s one of my favorite photos from the trip…I’ll end things here!


sunset at the Grand Canyon

one gorgeous hole.

Inside the Canyon

I don’t think there are really words that quite capture the essence of the Grand Canyon… Gorgeous? Yes. Massive? Yes. Breathtaking? Yes. But when you are standing there before it, those words seem so inadequate to the awe-inspiring, amazingness that stretches as far as your eye can see. I know Christopher and I are definitely not the first folks to stand before this beautiful hole and come up short for words…. However, we were probably a little more appreciative than most, simply because we almost didn’t get to see it.

This is what you never see in the postcards….

Canyon in the Fog

You can barely see them, but this is what the views looked like when we first arrived. Uh Oh!

But lucky for us, the clouds and fog did move out, so we could have the full experience of the canyon. Well, almost. Due to the high percentage of rain, we didn’t get to hike into the canyon, which we both were looking forward to. But, that’s life, and we still enjoyed a fun day checking out this national park.

photo 3

thought this turned out really cool.

photo 5

just happy the clouds and fog moved out…

Canyon at Sunset

canyon at sunset.

Backtracking a bit….but here are some photos to catch you up on journey to the Grand Canyon.


one of our camp sites along the way…


brunch break in Durango on Tuesday.

Durango Joes

got to try out local coffee places.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde 2

Checking out ancient Pueblo cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde.

Arizona Rock

entering Arizona…


We had never seen clouds like this!


Arizona makes for a pretty drive.

Arizona Sunset

Arizona sunset.

We just arrived Albuquerque as of an hour ago… so here’s to a new adventure!

rocky mountain high.

So, Monday afternoon and most of Tuesday were spent weaving through The Rockies. And it’s incredible really, all the different faces The Rockies truly have. If you head out this way, thinking you will be seeing the same thing over and over again… you would hopefully be happily mistaken. Its almost like getting to experience several different seasons all within one day, while you meander through these mountains.

Some peaks are large grassy expanses, while others boast tall narrow pine and aspen trees right on top of each other, large bare rock formations also make appearances, as do lose rock and clay. And its not just the views that change, but also the drive itself. For awhile you are on switchbacks, that then may open up to reveal a large grass-filled valley, only then to take you rolling over hills. There is definitely no boring sight to be seen… its all so different from the next, but also just as thrilling! Here are a couple of views out of our window these past two days….


Window View 2

Wish I could post more, but the Wi-Fi here is super slow. We are entered Arizona yesterday evening, so we are off to check out more of the Grand Canyon. Until next time…

On a separate note…

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the middle of the Grand Canyon, in Memphis at work, or enjoying some sunshine on the beach, today will forever be a day we remember all those we lost 12 years ago… So here is to all the families, friends and co-workers who lost those they loved on 9/11/2001, and all those who risked their lives to save others! Proud to be an American!

to colorado, with love.

Cont. Divide 2

This state has my heart. It’s just that simple. While there is no doubt that I love Memphis, Colorado is my soulmate….I think Christopher would tell you the same thing. The mountains have this way of making me feel both limitless and calm and I never get tired of just staring at them. They are definitely not a view I see outside my apartment window at home, so I want to engrain their beauty in my head as much as I can.

Yesterday was spent in Boulder. And given the chance the witzs would probably jump at the opportunity to set up shop there…. so much to do outside and so much to see! Bikes everywhere! Trails everywhere! Basically fun everywhere! We didn’t waste a minute, so here’s the low down…

Pearl Street

Just a Sunday on Pearl Street.

Bubble Maker

One of the many street performers on Pearl.

Panarama Point

Panorama Point.

Mountain Sun

Lunch at the Mountain Sun. Some pretty tasty burgers…

Zolo Food

Yummy Zolo Sangria


A little taste of Boulder.

Unfortunately, the hot air balloon could not happen this morning. I got the 4:30a call that weather wasn’t looking good (although it ended up being a super sunny day) and they had to cancel. 😦 I was super bummed, needless to say, But not all is lost though, we will have another chance in New Mexico on Friday, so fingers crossed. Plus, when you go to sleep at 9:30p for scheduled hot air balloon, whether its cancelled or not, your body is sick of sleeping by six…at least ours was. So….this is what we did. Pretty nice plan B huh?


Sunrise from Panorama Point.

As I type this post we are in Leadville, CO eating at an awesome pizza place. And only in Colorado can you find a place that has a slack line and disc golf baskets for you to play with… But here is what we have been doing since the sun rise!

Briar Rose 2

Enjoying our Bed and Breakfast.

Briar Rose 1

Super quaint B & B.

Celestial Seasonings

Tea Time!

Cont. Divide

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Now, off to camp. Till tomorrow….

plain greatness.

Dear Kansas,

Although I still have little desire to move your way, you were not as bad as everyone said. Yes, you offer very little by way of site-seeing and when I learned in school that you were flat, it was no joke, no caveat attached. I even pondered to Christopher, that running away from home as a child would have been futile because you could still be seen walking away three miles out or more. BUT you did have redeeming qualities, first you are the sunflower state, of which is my favorite flower. Points there! And secondly and most beloved your speed limit is 75mph the entire time on I-70 Which in my book allows me to go 80, possibly 83 without the worry of the flashing lights. Needless to say, I very much liked that about you.



Christopher outside Artichoke

Plus, Wichita you offered as one awesome unique sandwich lunch at the Artichoke Sandwich Bar. Recommended to anyone going through!

I was however, so happy to finally reach Colorado! There is just something about how a sunset looks over the mountains….and we were super lucky to be driving in just as it was going down. A photo (in my eyes) simply can’t compare to what we were getting to see, but I still tried!

CO Sign


Mowat Boys

And how lucky were we that we got to spend our first night in the Co-Rad with these adorable little men. Yes, a huge thank you to the Mowat boys and their wonderful mom and dad, Kim and Simon for letting us stay with them. It was the perfect start to our trip!

Now off to explore Boulder….until next time.

Love, Ash