my trip of a lifetime.

HeathrowI know it’s been just over three months since my last blog post… but hey when you aren’t blog writing it means you are out living life… and I will ways pick the latter for both myself and you! But since it’s less than a week until the Witzs head across the pond, I thought it was time to check back in with the cyber world and give an update.

For starters, I probably have the shortest bucket list of anyone you have ever met… there are literally three items that make it up. Hot air balloon ride… book published…visit London! I’ve always kept it short because I really just want life to take me where it does… but these three things I really want to see happen, and in five days the biggest one of them all is going down! The English language simply doesn’t have a word for this level of excitement.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to visit London. Ever since I realized that all of the folks with that amazing accent hailed from the same place, I have wanted to go. Their culture is fascinating to me… their clothes, their cars, their history, their regal air, their unique words for things that are just much more interesting than the terms we give them. Pram for stroller. Boot for trunk. Tube for subway. Loo for bathroom. You get the drift.

LondonOkay, and then add pop culture greats like Harry Potter, Downton Abby, writer Sophie Kinsella, Kate Winslet, Hugh Laurie, Elton John, and of course Kate Middleton…and well I just fell even more in love with the Brits.

So, now you understand the elated status I am at about now because for me this is my trip of a lifetime. And we plan to do just about everything you can think of….Tower of London, London Eye, a day in Windsor, Churchill War Rooms, Parliament, Buckingham changing of the guard, The Globe, Westminster Abbey, Tate Modern, you name it, we are probably doing it. And I can’t forget, a day at Wimbledon. This tennis-grown girl can’t visit London the first week of July and not experience her favorite Grand Slam venue. wimbledon_grounds

We found this great North London apartment to rent through So, for eight days I plan on pretending this half motherland for me is really home! So, help us out! If you have been to Union Jack country and know of a great pub we should try, an off the beaten path sight that’s worth taking in, or anything else that you thought was cool, let me know! The World Cup is going to be going on while we are there and we are pretty pumped to find a exceptional good pub to take in a game.

Here’s to making dreams reality!


One thought on “my trip of a lifetime.

  1. You will love it!! I had been to London before but LOVED going back with the boys. Have you seen this blog? I linked to the city guide on London. It is going to have a few things geared towards kids but the family is super trendy and up to date on all things fun in London. I follow her on instagram but she has a nice place on our blog where she writes about things to do in London and her specific neighborhood. I thought it might be helpful since you will be there for a week or so! Have a blast!!

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