one gorgeous hole.

Inside the Canyon

I don’t think there are really words that quite capture the essence of the Grand Canyon… Gorgeous? Yes. Massive? Yes. Breathtaking? Yes. But when you are standing there before it, those words seem so inadequate to the awe-inspiring, amazingness that stretches as far as your eye can see. I know Christopher and I are definitely not the first folks to stand before this beautiful hole and come up short for words…. However, we were probably a little more appreciative than most, simply because we almost didn’t get to see it.

This is what you never see in the postcards….

Canyon in the Fog

You can barely see them, but this is what the views looked like when we first arrived. Uh Oh!

But lucky for us, the clouds and fog did move out, so we could have the full experience of the canyon. Well, almost. Due to the high percentage of rain, we didn’t get to hike into the canyon, which we both were looking forward to. But, that’s life, and we still enjoyed a fun day checking out this national park.

photo 3

thought this turned out really cool.

photo 5

just happy the clouds and fog moved out…

Canyon at Sunset

canyon at sunset.

Backtracking a bit….but here are some photos to catch you up on journey to the Grand Canyon.


one of our camp sites along the way…


brunch break in Durango on Tuesday.

Durango Joes

got to try out local coffee places.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde 2

Checking out ancient Pueblo cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde.

Arizona Rock

entering Arizona…


We had never seen clouds like this!


Arizona makes for a pretty drive.

Arizona Sunset

Arizona sunset.

We just arrived Albuquerque as of an hour ago… so here’s to a new adventure!


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