rocky mountain high.

So, Monday afternoon and most of Tuesday were spent weaving through The Rockies. And it’s incredible really, all the different faces The Rockies truly have. If you head out this way, thinking you will be seeing the same thing over and over again… you would hopefully be happily mistaken. Its almost like getting to experience several different seasons all within one day, while you meander through these mountains.

Some peaks are large grassy expanses, while others boast tall narrow pine and aspen trees right on top of each other, large bare rock formations also make appearances, as do lose rock and clay. And its not just the views that change, but also the drive itself. For awhile you are on switchbacks, that then may open up to reveal a large grass-filled valley, only then to take you rolling over hills. There is definitely no boring sight to be seen… its all so different from the next, but also just as thrilling! Here are a couple of views out of our window these past two days….


Window View 2

Wish I could post more, but the Wi-Fi here is super slow. We are entered Arizona yesterday evening, so we are off to check out more of the Grand Canyon. Until next time…

On a separate note…

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the middle of the Grand Canyon, in Memphis at work, or enjoying some sunshine on the beach, today will forever be a day we remember all those we lost 12 years ago… So here is to all the families, friends and co-workers who lost those they loved on 9/11/2001, and all those who risked their lives to save others! Proud to be an American!


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