to colorado, with love.

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This state has my heart. It’s just that simple. While there is no doubt that I love Memphis, Colorado is my soulmate….I think Christopher would tell you the same thing. The mountains have this way of making me feel both limitless and calm and I never get tired of just staring at them. They are definitely not a view I see outside my apartment window at home, so I want to engrain their beauty in my head as much as I can.

Yesterday was spent in Boulder. And given the chance the witzs would probably jump at the opportunity to set up shop there…. so much to do outside and so much to see! Bikes everywhere! Trails everywhere! Basically fun everywhere! We didn’t waste a minute, so here’s the low down…

Pearl Street

Just a Sunday on Pearl Street.

Bubble Maker

One of the many street performers on Pearl.

Panarama Point

Panorama Point.

Mountain Sun

Lunch at the Mountain Sun. Some pretty tasty burgers…

Zolo Food

Yummy Zolo Sangria


A little taste of Boulder.

Unfortunately, the hot air balloon could not happen this morning. I got the 4:30a call that weather wasn’t looking good (although it ended up being a super sunny day) and they had to cancel. 😦 I was super bummed, needless to say, But not all is lost though, we will have another chance in New Mexico on Friday, so fingers crossed. Plus, when you go to sleep at 9:30p for scheduled hot air balloon, whether its cancelled or not, your body is sick of sleeping by six…at least ours was. So….this is what we did. Pretty nice plan B huh?


Sunrise from Panorama Point.

As I type this post we are in Leadville, CO eating at an awesome pizza place. And only in Colorado can you find a place that has a slack line and disc golf baskets for you to play with… But here is what we have been doing since the sun rise!

Briar Rose 2

Enjoying our Bed and Breakfast.

Briar Rose 1

Super quaint B & B.

Celestial Seasonings

Tea Time!

Cont. Divide

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Now, off to camp. Till tomorrow….


3 thoughts on “to colorado, with love.

  1. So fun to follow your travels!! I was going to mention that y’all might never leave Colorado once you got there. Such a great place and right up your alley! Hope y’all have a wonderful time!

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