plain greatness.

Dear Kansas,

Although I still have little desire to move your way, you were not as bad as everyone said. Yes, you offer very little by way of site-seeing and when I learned in school that you were flat, it was no joke, no caveat attached. I even pondered to Christopher, that running away from home as a child would have been futile because you could still be seen walking away three miles out or more. BUT you did have redeeming qualities, first you are the sunflower state, of which is my favorite flower. Points there! And secondly and most beloved your speed limit is 75mph the entire time on I-70 Which in my book allows me to go 80, possibly 83 without the worry of the flashing lights. Needless to say, I very much liked that about you.



Christopher outside Artichoke

Plus, Wichita you offered as one awesome unique sandwich lunch at the Artichoke Sandwich Bar. Recommended to anyone going through!

I was however, so happy to finally reach Colorado! There is just something about how a sunset looks over the mountains….and we were super lucky to be driving in just as it was going down. A photo (in my eyes) simply can’t compare to what we were getting to see, but I still tried!

CO Sign


Mowat Boys

And how lucky were we that we got to spend our first night in the Co-Rad with these adorable little men. Yes, a huge thank you to the Mowat boys and their wonderful mom and dad, Kim and Simon for letting us stay with them. It was the perfect start to our trip!

Now off to explore Boulder….until next time.

Love, Ash


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