Out West- just getting started

We rolled off of exit 5 right before ten o’clock to pull into the hotel in Van Buren, AR. It wasn’t a hard days driving by any means, but we were officially on our trip out West. After picking up the rental car, a grey Toyota Corolla, I realized the windows were covered in what looked to be tree sap. Luckily I had the forethought of bringing along some window cleaner because I knew a few bugs would find our windshield between Memphis and Boulder and back. After getting the car situated inside and out it was off to pick up the Misses.

Ash in car day 1

5:06 she rolls out of Helena and off we go. It almost felt like a normal Friday drive home except for we kept on 55 South which is actually a turn(only in Memphis) rather then heading straight onto riverside drive to our home. Arkansas or the Eastern half is very nondescript, it’s flat, covered in some type of farm, and quite boring. Once you get to Little Rock the scenery starts to change and things get a little more interesting, and I mean just a little, it’s an interstate after all. We stopped on the West side of LR for a quick bite to eat, a KFC/Taco Bell combo. What’s a road trip without some manufactured, over processed, good ole fast food. Ashley got a KFC combo, and yours truly got the true combo; taco, cheesy gordita crunch, and mac & cheese.



IMG_2017Getting back on the road it was almost completely dark. I didn’t plan this one right as we got to see the ugly part of the state and now we get to drive through the pretty part of the state in the dark. We started The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest book on audio and made it 5-6 tracks in when Ash started to get tired which meant she would sleep till Fort Smith.

Red Bull Count is at 1. (I’m surprised it’s only 1)


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