wild west update.

So, the countdown to the witzs go west has begun! We set out after work on Friday, September 6, so that leaves just 43 days to go! It may sound like a lot, but when I think of all the things we still have to do, it’s really not that long. Hotel reservations, camp site bookings, rental car, etc…. all things that still need to happen. But we have nailed down a route… it includes Boulder, Denver, and Leadville, CO (San Isabel National Forest); the Grand Canyon; Albuquerque; and Oklahoma City, with a few other National Park stops along the way. Check out our exact path in the picture below. Once again, if you are reading this and know of a fun place we need to check out thats near our route, definitely let us know. I hope to eat well on this trip!

ANDDD….look what came in the mail! Yep, it’s official the witzs are all set to hike and camp in The Grand Canyon. I think I can speak for Christopher too, when I say this might be the part we are most looking forward to… crossing our fingers for some awesome views!


And also, if I am being completely honest, every time I see this commercial, I think of our upcoming trip! I am not going to lie, part of me hopes we make spontaneous stops like this, just to experience random things! Sooo…. we will see! If anything, it sure would be awesome to cruise in a Subie for a week (preferably an Outback, if anyone is asking). In the meantime… enjoy!


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