new favorite memphis gem.


106 ge patterson

As of last Sunday, I have now been around for a quarter century and one. Yep, time is officially flying, there is no doubt! But what an incredible day I got to have to bring in 26. My amazing mom and dad made the trip to Memphis to celebrate with me. It was such a special treat!

I should also mention at this point a little known fact… my dad is slightly obsessed with Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. And who isn’t, really? I don’t know anyone who hasn’t tuned in to at least a few hours with Guy Fieri, to find out some of the best eateries to visit

So, knowing Dad’s obsession with this show and my love for trying out new places… I picked Rizzo’s Diner off South Main for my birthday brunch. And what a great decision I made…

Rizzo’s was on Diners and Dives  last August and showcased for it’s eclectic options, unique gastropub vibe, and insanely delicious food. My dad called me immediately after it aired to ask if I been yet. So, it seemed fitting- since I still had not been as of this past week-to go with my parents and let it be their first Diners and Dives experience, while also adding a new eatery to my Memphis foodie map.


thanks Chef Mike.

The experience did not disappoint! Everyone reading this blog, living or visiting Memphis, should make a point to try it out. The food is amazing… truly! It’s high quality and it’s unique. It’s not your normal, “see ’em on every menu” options – and I love that. Let me say this, if my dad gave them top billing, you will like it too…my dad’s is quite the food critic.

Yep, Chef Mike Patrick has got it going on… and he could not possibly be more friendly! He made our experience so fun and even answered all our questions on what it was like filming for Diners and Dives…yes, we were those people. Perfect place that made for a perfect day!

You should check it out too!  Cheers Rizzo’s Diner!

But until you go… here’s some culinary temptation for ya…


south main scramble.


southern style eggs Benedict.


cajun chicken salad plate.


french toast bananas foster.


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