Stovetop Cooking Tips

You can’t call me a chef or even a great cook, but I at least enjoy cooking.  Whether it’s Bertolli for a quick meal, making lasagna, or grilling out I find pleasure in making things. Maybe it’s the making something that I’ve always enjoyed. Well, I’m here to pass on some of my limited knowledge on some cooking tips that I’ve either read, learned the hardway, or acquired from someone wiser than myself.

Since getting nice pans for our wedding I’ve had to learn a few things. It is best for cooking and cleanup if you heat the pan thoroughly before placing anything inside the pan, unless you are boiling water, heating a sauce or an oil. You can test if the pan is hot by quickly touching the top rim of pan. It should be hot to the touch. (Please be careful not to burn yourself.) Also, you can test the temperature of the pan by spreading a little bit of butter in the bottom of the pan and if it starts to brown or turn black you have the temperature too hot. If you don’t want the butter in what you are cooking, you can wipe it up with a towel.

Not every stove will heat the same either, so what may need to be cooked on a heat setting of 4 on one stove might be a 6 on another. You need to  test different settings on your stove. Also, different types of foods like eggs need to be cooked at a lower temperature than say cooking a stir fry or making bacon.

12 heat pan and add butter

And lastly I have a cleaning tip or two. Let cold food sit out for before placing them into a hot pan, it keeps it from sticking to the pan. Also, it is best if you let a pan cool off before placing cold water in or on it as the metal might warp. I like to let my pans cool off, then put some Dial soap in the pan and add water and let the pans soak for over an hour before attempting to clean it.


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