super quick dinner for two.

IMG_0650On nights when we have Grizz games to get to, or we happen to get home later than normal and are just to worn out to cook… we make this gem for a quick yet healthy meal. Okay, so it’s probably not the most healthy thing out there… but its definitely not greasy fast food and it sure tastes better than a PB&J and fills you up more than a Lean Cuisine. So, you get the picture…

Plus, these guys only take about ten minutes to cook. And we have found that if you let your pan heat up for a few minutes, while also letting the meal thaw, it will cook even quicker.IMG_0651

Although stocked full of tasty veggies, these pastas don’t always have enough protein for us ‘witzs. So, Christopher started buying a pack of diced chicken for us to add to it each time… and it makes all the difference. The one pictured here is our favorite.  This works for us as a super quick dinner, so maybe it will for you too.




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