tom’s the man.

Mobilty Awareness MonthHey Friends!

If you don’t read anything else we ever post…please read tonight!

Christopher and I have a wonderful friend here in Memphis, Tom Bailey. And to know Tom is to love Tom. Imagine the friend you have who is super easy to talk to and never in a bad mood, who you want on your trivia team because they actually paid attention in college, and who would do anything for you… for us you have created Tom. We are lucky to call him our friend, and when friends need help, we want to try and help!

Tom is 28 years old and has Becker Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that slowly causes muscle weakness in the legs and pelvis. So, as you can imagine, over the years this slow muscle deterioration begins to make it difficult to get around, including, walking and getting up and down. Due to this, Tom is now in need of a wheelchair and a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Fortunately, Tom ran across a contest giving away three fully accessible vans and was selected as a finalist to win one. He now needs our votes to help him obtain this much needed van. Please visit the following site: and enter his name “Tom Bailey,” then click on his profile, fill in some basic information and hit submit!

Accessible Van

the fully accessible van.

You can vote once a day per IP address…so vote at work, at home, and on your phone! Please pass this information onto anyone you know that would be able to help out and vote for Tom.

Christopher and I would greatly appreciate you doing this for our friend and I know Tom, his wife, Katie, and their adorable son Tobin, would be forever grateful for your participation as well.  Thanks!


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