local locales.

local picture2One of the things we love most about living in Downtown Memphis is the availability of local restaurants. It’s also nice to walk out of our building and be able to be at one of those local locales within about five minutes. And should one of the places we wish to visit happen to be a bit further away, well we either get 15 to 20 minutes of some nice exercise or we hop on the trolley for a $1 and enjoy the ride.

We have found that within a mile radius of our home we have more local food options than anyone could ask for. Out of this list of dining places in Memphis, about 120 are actually Downtown, and only 18 are chain restaurants, seven of which are Memphis chains. So, that means we are talking about 100 or so places that are indigenous to just Downtown Memphis. Some of our favorites include Bardog, Pearl’s Oyster House, Cheesecake Corner, Central BBQ, Trolley Stop, Local Gastropub, Majestic Grille, and Aldo’s Pizza Pies.

We strongly believe that money spent at a local restaurant benefits the local economy more than a chain. Plus, employees of locally run businesses are usually happier and treated better, and therefore more apt to stick around and help the place flourish. Also, local entrepreneurs are more apt to bring other eateries to the area like we have seen with Aldo of Bardog bringing Aldo’s Pizza Pie and Slider Inn to the area, and with Jeff Johnson opening another Local Gastropub in Overton Square.

So, we encourage you to eat local too no matter where you live. Whether it’s at a restaurant or shopping at a locale farmer’s market, we think its worth it!


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