meet the ‘witzs.

ashley-and-chris-engaged_0003So, we’re the Konsowitzs (con-so-witz). And we’re always up to something. Whether it’s planning for a semi-cross country road trip, trying our hand at blogging, or simply checking out a new place to eat… we like to keep life an ongoing adventure.

And we would much rather do than have…keep that in mind. It will definitely be important along the way, when it comes to understanding us ‘Witzs. It’s why we have recently staked our claim on (only) 750 square feet of urban Memphis property and love it. It’s just the two of us, we don’t need much space, and we would much rather save money on rent and use it to go see and go do.

All that to say, you will find that much of this blog chronicles our new ventures of small apartment living and how we are making it work. You may also hear about the occasional trip, meal, or cleaning tip we have discovered… all depending on what we deem interesting enough to write about. So, stay tuned.

As for a little bit more about who we are…
You are likely to find us riding our bikes, eating Mexican, going to the movies (a lot), and cheering on the Memphis Grizzlies. I love the NBA, Starbucks, and the USA series Suits. Christopher currently enjoys the outdoors, Game of Thrones, and bowling.


One thought on “meet the ‘witzs.

  1. Helllllllooooooo, Witzs!!! Love reading your updates and seeing your world through your eyes. How utterly fun it must be to be your eyelids:):): Love you soooooooo good!

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